FAE Unveils Cutting-Edge Equipment, Innovations at Utility Expo 2023

The applications of the RCU line span a diverse range, from forestry management and crop maintenance to clearing overgrowth near water bodies, power lines and transportation routes.

Wed September 27, 2023

During Utility Expo 2023, FAE featured a display of some of its most sought-after models for land management and road construction.

RCU 55, RCU 75 — Advancing Remote Controlled Tracked Units

Conquering challenging landscapes, including hard-to-reach terrains, steep slopes of up to 55 degrees, and delicate ground conditions, is now a reality with FAE's RCU line of compact remote controlled tracked carriers.

The applications of the RCU line span a diverse range, from forestry management and crop maintenance to clearing overgrowth near water bodies, power lines and transportation routes. These models, RCU-55 and RCU-75, are poised to redefine efficiency and safety in areas where access to larger units is limited or too hazardous for human operation, according to the manufacturer.

BL4/SSL — Transforming Skid Steers into Forestry Mulchers

FAE's BL4/SSL is a revolutionary attachment that redefines productivity, durability, visibility and maintenance ease, the manufacturer said.

With its industry-leading bite limiter system and the innovative BL MAX Blade, this head delivers exceptional shredding capacity in vegetation management, catering especially to environments where skid steer agility and compactness are essential. The BL4/SSL offers both VT and Sonic technology options, the latter optimizing performance by up to 30 percent through FAE's dedicated smartphone app.

The BL4/SSL's applications encompass heavy vegetation management, from forests and woodlands to roadsides, waterways and green spaces, serving a multitude of sectors, including wildlife preservation and commercial landscaping.

BL1/SSL/VT — Elevating Efficiency in Skid Steer Forestry Mulching

The BL1/SSL/VT, a groundbreaking forestry mulcher tailored for skid steers with power ranging from 45 to 65 hp, reshapes the landscape of vegetation management, offering superior performance and ease of operation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional Performance: The BL1/SSL/VT is engineered to handle vegetation up to 4 in. in diameter, catering to a diverse range of land management needs.
  • Bite Limiter Technology: Equipped with advanced Bite Limiter technology, this head sets the bar for high productivity, ensuring efficient and reliable shredding.
  • Reliability and Maintenance: Designed for durability and ease of maintenance, the BL1/SSL/VT guarantees consistent performance over time, reducing downtime.
  • Enhanced Visibility: The head's high-visibility profile empowers operators to optimize their work across various applications, ensuring precision and accuracy.
  • Customizable Blades: The BL1/SSL/VT can be fitted with either MINI BL blades or MINI C/3 teeth, offering flexibility to match specific project requirements.

Sonic System — Elevating Performance With Exclusive Technology

FAE's Sonic System, an exclusive innovation, streamlines operations by automatically calibrating the mulcher's parameters, ensuring seamless alignment between the operating carrier and the mulcher. This technology not only enhances overall productivity by up to 30 percent but also minimizes rotor stalling and speeds up recovery time, revolutionizing mulching efficiency, according to the manufacturer.

Unlocking the Power of Sonic System With the FAE App

FAE customers investing in a forestry mulcher for skid steers equipped with the Sonic System gain an additional tool to optimize performance and capacity: the official FAE app for iOS devices. This innovative app serves as a cornerstone in achieving optimal calibration and maximizing the potential of the Sonic System, reinforcing FAE's commitment to customer success.

Empowering Users With Real-Time Insights

The FAE app offers an integrated diagnostics system and real-time parameter monitoring, providing FAE customers with a proactive approach to addressing any operational challenges. By seamlessly connecting to the mulcher's Sonic head via Wi-Fi, the app allows users to monitor, analyze, and optimize the mulching process with enhanced precision.

Sonic Advantage: Performance Redefined

The Sonic System, exclusive to FAE, grants customers a competitive edge through enhanced performance. The system dynamically regulates torque based on the task's requirements, ensuring the mulcher operates at peak capacity consistently. Additionally, the Sonic System's automatic calibration of hydraulic parameters guarantees swift and accurate skid steer pairing, streamlining the entire operational process.

Simple Steps for Empowerment

Using the FAE app is intuitive and user-friendly, following these straightforward steps:

  • Download and Connect: Download the FAE app from the Apple App Store (with future availability on Google Play). Connect the app to the mulcher's Wi-Fi.
  • Launch and Add: Launch the app and add your mulcher's Sonic head to the app's interface.
  • Real-Time Insight: Gain instant access to critical mulcher parameters and verify the accuracy of Sonic calibration in real time.
  • Proactive Diagnostics: The app promptly identifies and signals any malfunctions, enabling users to identify issues and promptly address them, with the option to send a status report.
Embracing the Digital Future

FAE's vision for the future is firmly rooted in digital innovation. The launch of the FAE app marks the initial stride towards this vision, offering enhanced customer experience, proactive support, and streamlined operations. While currently available for skid steer mulcher Sonic heads and iOS devices, the app's expansion to excavator Sonic heads and Android devices is on the horizon.

Revolutionizing Road Planers — Precision and Power Combined

Presenting the RPL/SSL and RPM/SSL, FAE enters the realm of "cold planer" technology, delivering efficiency and precision. These units, designed to be seamlessly integrated with skid steers, incorporate advanced technology for faster job completion and exceptional milling accuracy.

Engineered with features like self-leveling skids, hydraulic drive systems, depth indicators, and specially designed teeth, these planers redefine efficiency in asphalt and concrete surface restoration.

From residential to commercial applications, the RPL/SSL and RPM/SSL excel in tasks such as surface resurfacing, pavement removal and excavation operations.

The RWM/SSL, a disc-type road planer engineered for precision, perfectly aligns with skid steers for effortless operation. With features like a depth indicator, self-leveling penetration skids, and an optimized side output, this planer ensures precision. Tailored for tasks such as laying utility conduits, the RWM/SSL embodies extreme precision and efficiency.

With compatibility across a range of skid steer models and applications, the RWM/SSL redefines excavation precision in utilities and infrastructure projects.