Manitou Launches All-New Specialized Woodcracker Tree Saw Configuration for MRT Rotating Telehandler Lineup

Wed May 01, 2024

Manitou has launched a new Woodcracker tree saw with grapple configuration for its rotating telehandler product line that will significantly improve performance and productivity in tree and limb removal operations — particularly in urban areas and roadside land management applications.

The Woodcracker tree saw with grapple is compatible with three Manitou rotating telehandlers — the MRT 2260, MRT 2660 and MRT 3060 Vision+. When matched with the MRT 3060 Vision+, operators can reach heights of more than 98 ft. and outreach to more than 84 ft. The maximum lifting capacity for the MRT with the tree saw attachment is 8,000 lbs.

Built from extremely high-strength steel and capable of cutting tree branches and trunks up to 29 in. in diameter, the new Manitou tree saw rotates into position to cut, hold and deliver each limb. It also can be matched with the Manitou rotating telehandler remote control to give the operator flexibility in how/where they perform the work.

"The off-road capabilities, 360-degree rotation and the excellent reach of these rotating telehandlers makes this an extremely versatile solution for municipalities, public works departments and tree removal contractors regularly faced with challenging tree and limb removal jobs," said Steve Kiskunas, telescopic handler product manager, Manitou.

"It delivers the ability to remove and place large and heavy tree limbs while maintaining excellent control of the load. This simplifies the work, helps keep the operator and other workers out of the fall zone, and gives the operator the ability to perform the work from the most advantageous vantage point when equipped with the remote control."

Each Manitou MRT rotating telehandler equipped with the tree saw will include a specialized forestry package with a windshield guard, boom covers and guards, hydraulic and electrical system covers and a second return-to-tank line. Manitou offers the attachment solution for new machine orders and for existing Manitou MRT Vision+ models: MRT 2260, MRT 2660 and MRT 3060.

While each Manitou rotating telehandler matched with the new tree saw with grapple is highly specialized, each machine retains compatibility with the full line of rotating telehandler attachments to deliver a highly versatile platform for businesses or public works departments.

"This new tree saw with grapple configuration delivers excellent heavy-duty performance for a specialized application while still delivering a broad range of capabilities as a three-in-one machine — telescopic handler, jib and aerial work platform," said Kiskunas. "This type of versatility can really be an asset in smart fleet building and management."

The purposely matched solution of a rotating telehandler with a forestry package and a premium tree saw/grapple has an opportunity to evolve how tree removal, vegetation management, public works and other contractors approach safe limb and tree handling. It's a solution that the Manitou dealer network has been hungry for, the manufacturer said.

"Our customers are impressed with Manitou's MRT 3060 for its performance versatility, precision, and unparalleled comfort," said Ben Siemen, vice president of sales for Shawmut Equipment. "This innovative piece of equipment is now designed to meet the demands of this harsh application — from the hydraulic hose and electrical component guarding at the boom tip, to the innovative remote control with designated controls for the grapple saw. The Manitou MRT line-up with the factory Installed Forestry Package offers our customers a complete package in one price, all backed by the service and support of the Manitou dealer network."

The new Manitou tree saw for rotating telehandlers is available to order now in the North American market.

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Photo courtesy of Manitou