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Latest in Forestry

Finkbeiner Says Goodbye to Its C-Series Sennebogen 835 Log Handler

In Sennebogen terms, generations have passed since Finkbeiner KG commissioned its electric-drive Sennebogen 835 C-Series machine in 2003. Over the next 16 years, Sennebogen established new benchmarks for safety in material handlers with its D-Series line-up, then led the drive to new levels of "Green Efficiency" energy savings with the launch of its E Series machines in 2012.... Continue Reading...

Uptime Performance of 830 M-T Leaves Stella-Jones With 'No Other Option' for Pole-Handling Yard

When the 830 M-T log handler reached the end of its six year lease term with 22,000 service hours, Stella-Jones Inc. 's Plant Manager Darrin Vigue did his due diligence to choose its replacement. But in the end, Vigue returned to the machine that had served him so well for the previous six years.... Continue Reading...

John Deere Makes Clearing Challenging Ground Conditions Easy With RX72 and RX84 Rotary Cutters

John Deere updated its line of rotary cutter attachments with the new RX72 and RX84. These new models are designed for heavy-duty vegetation management applications, including property maintenance and right-of-way clearing.... Continue Reading...

What to Know About Buying or Renting a Wood Chipper

For those about to rent or buy a wood chipper, here is a list of 10 key features to consider in advance to help you pick the best option for your project

How Wood Chippers Work

Wood chippers are an amalgamation of parts, including a hopper, a collar, a chipper, and usually, a collection bin. Here are their processing mechanisms.

Chainsaws: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Many homeowners rely on landscapers to handle the heavy work around their yards, but for those who feel inclined to take on a project or two, chainsaws can prove invaluable. Some of the projects for which chainsaws are useful include: chopping off branches or cutting down small trees; cutting one's own lumber, whether from slab wood or from previously felled trees; creating foliage sculptures or wood carving, which some users elevate to an art.... Continue Reading...