FAE Introduces SCL/RCU Stump Cutters

Photo courtesy of FAE

Tue April 02, 2024

FAE enhances the versatility of its RCU55 and RCU75 remote controlled tracked carriers with the new SCL/RCU55 and SCL/RCU75 stump cutters.

The new SCL/RCU is ideal for removing stumps in forests and parks, on roadsides, by riverbanks or in agricultural settings.

Compact and easy to handle, the SCL/RCU line features a heavy-duty shredding disc to tackle the most stubborn stumps and roots up to 18 in. deep for the SCL/RCU55 and up to 20 in. deep for the SCL/RCU75.

The SCL/RCU's Direct Drive motor minimizes maintenance and makes it possible to have an extremely compact machine body. Hydraulic and proportional swing controls allow operators, while stationary, to swing the unit back and forth to grind larger material.

The release of the new SCL/RCU takes the RCU remote controlled tracked carriers to a new level of versatility, with more options for customers who want to get the most out of their vehicle. With the many easily interchangeable attachments for the RCU55 and RCU75, operators can grind stumps quickly and easily or tackle heavy or light vegetation with the dedicated forestry mulchers.

For more information, visit fae-group.com.