Seppi M E20 Marks Breakthrough in Green Management Technology

Photo courtesy of Seppi M
The heart of E20 direct is the rotor with fixed tools featuring the CUT CONTROL system, driven by the innovative DIRECT DRIVE hydraulic transmission. The machine can mulch vegetation up to 7.8 in. in diameter.

Wed April 03, 2024

SEPPI M.'s "E20 direct" forestry mulcher head for excavators weighing from 12 to 21 tons marks a breakthrough in green management technology, promising increased efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and improved performance for forestry and earthmoving professionals.

"E20 direct" represents the first model of a new family of forestry mulchers designed for excavators. Recognizing the diverse applications of forestry mulchers, SEPPI M. has designed the "E20 direct" to excel in construction site clearing, vegetation management along highways, railways and power lines, as well as in wetlands maintenance and agricultural field reclamation.

The heart of "E20 direct" is the rotor with fixed tools featuring the CUT CONTROL system, driven by the innovative DIRECT DRIVE hydraulic transmission. The machine can mulch vegetation up to 7.8 in. in diameter.

Its cutting-edge design partially integrates the hydraulic motor into the rotor, eliminating belt transmission and reducing power losses due to friction by approximately 50 percent. The result is improved efficiency, reduced energy consumption and increased available power — all contributing to enhanced productivity, the manufacturer said.

With four different working widths, ranging from 39 to 78.7 in., "E20 direct" is recommended for excavators weighing between 12 and 21 tons, offering versatility and performance in a variety of applications. Furthermore, its compact design and reduced weight, due to the use of durable materials such as AR400 steel, make it more universal and easy to use and mount on various excavators.

"With the introduction of 'E20 direct,' we achieve a significant milestone in vegetation management technology," said Lorenz Seppi, the president of SEPPI M. "We are committed to revolutionizing the industry by providing innovative solutions that not only increase productivity but also reduce operational costs and environmental impact."

In addition to its technological advancements, "E20 direct" emphasizes usability and environmental sustainability. By minimizing maintenance requirements, improving mulching quality and reducing fuel consumption, the mulcher head allows contractors and green care professionals to achieve more with fewer resources.

"E20 direct" will be available at SEPPI M. dealers worldwide starting from spring 2024.

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