TraxPlus Expands FAE Product Line, Holds Training Event

The combos are endless for the FAE line, including this Barko wheeled carrier coupled with an FAE mulching head. (FAE photo)

Thu May 25, 2023

TraxPlus, based in Hickory, Miss., has been a successful dealer of the FAE line of attachments for many years, and judging from the sales volume and repeat buyers, customers who have purchased FAE products from them are seeing a substantial return on their investment.

TraxPlus has identified and recognized the opportunity in its marketplace for adding the entire FAE land clearing product line, including tracked carriers and the full line of FAE construction products.

This addition came with a slew of FAE representatives converging on the headquarters of TraxPlus for complete multi-day training for everything from product demonstrations to overall FAE maintenance, support and parts sales.

Already being an FAE attachment dealer, the TraxPlus parts department has had tremendous success and had nothing but good things to say about its experiences with FAE parts and the overall availability. They anticipate the same quality support for the tracked carrier and construction machines.

Mark McGee, TraxPlus sales manager and forestry specialist, said, "We trust the FAE products and the support that comes from the manufacturer.

"We've established ourselves as one of the premier mulching companies in the country and we always strive to have the top lines to provide our customers the best possible products," he added. "We saw the timing was right to bring the FAE PrimeTech line of tracked carriers into our product offerings. It's a fantastic product. We've been dealing with FAE long enough to know how reliable these machines will be for our customers and the quality of people and support behind them."

McGee said that downtime is inevitable with machines.

"We don't like downtime, our customers don't like downtime, and we just want to provide products to our customers that would allow them the least amount of downtime possible. Things happen from time to time, and FAE has always been a manufacturer that provides us with the support we need to be able to keep downtime to a minimum."

When asked about the overall training that TraxPlus receives for the FAE line, McGee said, "every company provides some kind of training, but this is my first experience in a training session that was as in-depth and covered all facets at one time for sales-service-parts.

"We've already had the FAE line, but this enhanced training is like no other," he added. "There's no guessing game for how we're supposed to sell and support these machines right from the beginning and every department will be ‘up to speed' from the very start."

McGee sees the FAE PrimeTech machines as a perfect fit for TraxPlus and its customers.

"Mulching is big business and rather rough on machines and we want to get the newest technology in the hands of our customers to continue to diminish their downtime.

"The FAE RCU's [remote control units] is a big business potential for the governmental and municipality entities in the areas we serve. The sky is the limit on the potential for those machines. That type of technology is going to be embraced more-and-more in the coming years," said McGee.

In his newfound experiences in the PrimeTech machines, McGee was thoroughly impressed and said he mulched through some really "thick stuff."

"I can't say enough about the machine. The Sonic mulching head helped the machine to perform at maximum potential without slowing."

"FAE values the customers and the dealers more than anything else; they are our biggest asset," said FAE USA CEO Giorgio Carera. "This is the reason why we only want to partner with dealers that can represent and support the FAE products every step of the way. TraxPlus is highly respected in the industry, and we look forward to a very long and successful partnership."

TraxPlus has five locations in three states including: Hickory, Columbus and Summit, Miss.; Alexandria, La.; and Bessemer, Ala. The company has two additional locations in the works in Hattiesburg, Miss., and Mobile, Ala.

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