Diamond Mowers' Excavator Drum Mulcher Pro X Tackles Over/Undergrowth

The EX Drum Mulcher DC Pro X was engineered to maximize cut width relative to weight.

Wed December 07, 2022
Diamond Mowers

Diamond Mowers' excavator drum mulcher Pro X effectively cuts back and processes unwanted over or undergrowth, making it ideal for land clearing, vegetation management and utility and roadside maintenance.

Offered in 30 in. and 50 in. cutting widths to accommodate excavator carriers from 4.5 to 10 metric tons, it is equipped with a Rexroth 63cc adjustable displacement hydraulic motor to power through material up to 8 in. in diameter, while an abrasion-resistant AR 400 liner minimizes wear from debris.

Oversized, serrated skid shoes hang off the sides of the attachment head to control, position and manipulate downed material for more effective processing, and its optimized infeed system allows for optimum tree engagement, feeds materials from left to right as it sweeps the ground for greater productivity per pass and produces an aesthetically desirable chip size.

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