Ponsse Launches Next Generation Harvester Head

Mon February 28, 2022
Ponsse Oyj

Ponsse has launched a completely upgraded H8 harvester head with a powerful feed, firm grip and solid yet agile frame.

Active Speed is available for the harvester head as a new feature, giving the harvester head a superior performance, according to the manufacturer.

With Active Speed, the harvester head's operating speed can be adjusted based on the tree species and stem diameter. Equipped with this new function, working with the H8 harvester head is smooth and productive, no matter what the tree diameter is.

"We have developed our product range of harvester heads actively with our customers. Many of our customers work in challenging conditions, which is why their development ideas give us the best possible feedback for product development. With its completely new structure, the new H8 harvester head is ideal for processing large trees," said Janne Loponen, product manager of harvester heads.

Completely Upgraded New Structure

The new harvester head can be mounted on Ponsse Ergo and Bear, the strongest harvesters in the product range. The saw box area is even wider, making the harvester head an excellent choice for trees with a high butt diameter, according to the manufacturer.

The harvester head's structure has been designed for easy maintenance and the frame has been built to be even more durable. A powerful feed, combined with a geometry that firmly supports larger stems on feed rollers, guarantees high productivity and fuel economy.

The automatic features of the Opti control system, developed and built by Ponsse, control the feed speed and saw movement, according to the tree diameter, and ensure fast and precise sawing.

All Ponsse harvester heads have been designed to withstand the toughest conditions. They are characterised by a simple and solid structure, which is why they can be used in various harvesting applications. All Ponsse harvester heads are manufactured and designed at the Ponsse factory in Vieremä, Finland.

For more information, visit ponsse.com.