Allied’s AMS Series Mobile Shears Pack Tons of Force

Wed June 27, 2012
Forestry Equipment Guide

Allied Construction Products LLC has added AMS series mobile shears to its full-product line.

These all-new Allied AMS series mobile shears are specifically designed and built for scrap processing, industrial contracting and demolition applications. Allied’s newest full-product line addition, the AMS series mobile shears are available in four models (AMS 30, AMS 40, AMS 50 and AMS 100) ranging from 721 to 1,446 tons (654 to 1,312 t) of cutting force.

Key features of the AMS series are:

• Increased pin diameter allows for greater cutting force

• Faster cycle times from an integrated speed valve mean lower costs per ton

• Increased speed on 360 degree rotation offers greater operator flexibility

• Four-way indexable cutting blades can cut on all four cutting edges

• Bolt-on bracket allows for mounting on most excavators

• Integrated speed valve is more compact and is comprised of only 13 parts

• Manufactured with light weight Weldox 900 material increases strength and fuel economy

• Auto-Guide mechanism delivers force on upper jaw preventing flexing

• High-Top design protects the cylinder from debris

The AMS series mobile shears easily handle material processing applications including:

• Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap processing

• Auto and truck dismantling

• Civil and industrial demolition

• Tank and silo dismantling

• Wire and pipe processing

• Wheel and tire processing

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