Diamond Mowers' Excavator Disc Mulcher Pro X Ideal for Vegetation Management

The forestry disc acts like a flywheel to store energy.

Thu December 08, 2022
Diamond Mowers

Ideal for rural environments, thicker trees, pasture reclamation and hard-to-reach areas that require vegetation management, Diamond Mowers' 36 in. excavator disc mulcher Pro X uses stored energy and hydraulic power to mulch, making it an energy-efficient and cost-effective choice.

Using the four-point hardened steel teeth on the perimeter and bottom surface of the mulching disc, this attachment cuts grass, brush and small trees up to 6 in. in diameter and mulches the same materials up to 4 in. in diameter. Plus, it's equipped with a thumb receiver that functions like a grapple and can be used on its own to manipulate and manage downed brush, as well as steel deflectors with full casing that direct materials downward after they've been mulched.

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