VCES Named SENNEBOGEN Tree Care Dealer of the Year

(L-R) are Colleen Miller, SENNEBOGEN; Dave Hill VCES president; and Constantino Lannes, SENNEBOGEN LLC. (SENNEBOGEN photo)

Tue May 10, 2022

At a recent trade show, Constantino Lannes, president of SENNEBOGEN LLC, awarded David Hill, president of Volvo Construction Equipment & Services (VCES) based in Corona, Calif., with eight branches across the state, the SENNEBOGEN Tree Care Industry Dealer of the Year.

In late 2019, VCES began representing SENNEBOGEN's tree care handling line.

"VCES's customer focus enterprise coupled with SENNEBOGEN's game changing tree care products and customer centric approach has resulted in a resounding success in this new but growing market," said Lannes

VCES has been representing SENNEBOGEN material handlers since 2015 and expanding the representation to tree care seemed natural. Hill said that the success in California was a true partnership and the support of SENNEBOGEN LLC provided to launch this product was first class.

"It wasn't just SENNEBOGEN trying to find representation for this product, but what SENNEBOGEN offered to support the market development seemed endless including experts, resources, product familiarization, and training. They were all in and so were we," Hill said.

"California had a problem," Hill continued. "Years of poor forest management practices coupled with increase threat to life and property posed by the states ever expanding fire season made the tree care line an excellent product to address both the clean-up effort and ongoing forest management program.

"Our safety-first culture, combined with SENNEBOGEN's solution designed, and manufactured to offer a safer solution to an industry with an inherit dangerous work environment resonated with us. Representing a product that provides a safer solution, with a purpose aligned with your own values provided a platform for success."

Brian Walter, VCES Northern California head of sales added "SENNEBOGEN's tree care machines offer a safer, more efficient and cost-effective solutions to address not only these big problems and projects that our president mentioned but also mid-sized tree care companies who are operating one or two crews using traditional tree removal practices.

"For these companies, the SENNEBOGEN tree care handlers are an industry game changer".

Hill feels that his team is able make inroads beyond the initial sale and having a strong product support organization has been critical to that.

"VCES has invested heavily in our product support team over the last three years. Our technicians working on SENNEBOGEN machines are highly recognized by our customer for their technical knowledge and craft.

"Our quality of staff is second to none, and the pride and skill our technician exhibit runs through the entire VCES organization."

"We have also invested significantly in parts inventory including the various Kits that SENNEBOGEN provides including Saw and Uptime Kits," Walter said. "These kits are critical to keeping these machines operating continuously and as such we actively promote and marketed at the time of machine sale.

"Beyond the sale of equipment, our team of PSSRs and parts CSR are working tirelessly to support keeping these machines supplied and operating in some of California's most remote and tough working environments."

Hill wrapped up by saying, "As you can see it started with SENNEBOGEN's innovative tree care handler and the support that we receive from the entire SENNEBOGEN organization, but VCES's own success is a result of a dedicated team of professionals taking care of our customer's needs through the entire lifecycle of the product."

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