Tractor & Equipment Company Keeps 'Going the Extra Mile'

Photo courtesy of SENNEBOGEN
(L-R) are Erich Sennebogen, Joe Patton, Frazier Shoults, Andrew Pettit, Colleen Miller, Chad Stracener, Constantino Lannes, Robert Boehme and Ryan Zenor.

Tue June 11, 2024

'Going the extra mile' has been the company philosophy since Tractor & Equipment Company (TEC) first opened its doors back in 1943. Over the years, it has been paying dividends, and that continues today.

At a recent trade show in Las Vegas, Chad Stracener and his team received the award for being the Top SENNEBOGEN Tree Care Dealer for 2023.

"Part of our ongoing success is the fact that SENNEBOGEN Tree Care machines can make a positive and ongoing contribution to our customers' lives and operations. These machines can be a real gamechanger," said Stracener.

Not unlike any other significant investment, whether it is a residential/commercial arborist or one that works "Right of Way" corridors, they all want to see "how it works". That's why, he said, that they have a very active demo program.

"Nothing works better than actually seeing up close, how it really is going to change the way you do business." He also indicated that they can call upon SENNEBOGEN to assist them with the demo.

"Their assistance is invaluable. Whether it is one of their Tree Care specialists or someone from their User Experience [UX] Team, they all help with our customers who really enjoy interacting with the factory."

Investment Is a Long-Term Strategy

"We were thrilled to be recognized amongst all their World Class Dealers," said Stracener. "SENNEBOGEN is a great product, and we have placed a big focus on it. We continue to invest in the free factory training that SENNEBOGEN provides for their dealers and end users. We are also fortunate to get ongoing factory support. All of this makes it possible for us to succeed."

According to Stracener, the SENNEBOGEN team is invaluable, and Greg Roberts, the tree care manager, has a vast knowledge and understanding of the industry and the marketplace. His background and familiarity with the machines and the various market segments make him a valuable addition to our team when called upon.

"Greg's knowledge and passion for the product instill so much confidence in our sales group and customer base," said Stracener

Stracener also felt that the team at SENNEBOGEN, led by Constantino Lannes, president, is a contributing factor to both their successes.

"We share many of the same ideals including being ‘customer centric.' This means that we are all onboard with the concept of parts and product support so our customers trust that we can keep their equipment running smoothly."

According to Stracener, a good salesperson with a good piece of equipment can sell the first piece. However, it is the parts and service support that keeps the customer coming back.

"We are very proud to have Tractor & Equipment Company on our side," said Lannes. "They continue to do a great job for us, not only on the tree care line but with the material handling machines as well."

Building Trust

"Of course," said Stracener, "we couldn't do it without the trust of our customers. We continue to build on that trust every day. We have increased our investment in parts inventory, technician training, and the number of service trucks serving our region. We have also embraced the latest innovations from SENNEBOGEN, their Uptime Kits and their Preventive Maintenance Kits. We know from our conversations with our customers that this attention to detail gives them the confidence that we will have their machines up and running with as little downtime as possible."

To build on and support this trust-building, TEC has developed NODS (Network Overnight Delivery System), a delivery system that starts with three distribution warehouses and interconnects its 20 branch locations. This, according to Lannes, is just another example of Tractor & Equipment Company "Going the Extra Mile".