Fecon's New Fusion Platform Revolutionizes Mulcher Performance

Fusion automatically tunes your attachment to your carrier in real-time and boasts features that include automatic machine calibration, location services and performance tracking to improve mulching performance and productivity.

Tue November 07, 2023

Fecon LLC, a global manufacturer of heavy-duty site preparation attachments and forestry accessories, has launched Fusion, a user-friendly telematics platform that uses modern features such as automatic machine calibration, location services and performance tracking to make industry-changing productivity gains in mulching operations.

Ushering in the next generation in mulching, Fusion automatically calibrates the attachment to the carrier in real-time to optimize performance, minimize downtime and expand the machine's lifespan. Fusion is initially available on high-flow Bull Hog and Blackhawk attachments.

Fecon brings intelligent control technology to a new level in the mulching industry, drastically improving mulching operations. The ingenuity of Fusion's performance lies in its simplicity. From the get-go, Fusion automates mulcher set up to improve performance and productivity through its Plug n' Play design that eliminates manual setup and tuning. With this feature, customers can attach their mulcher to any compatible carrier and run the machine with increased performance. The mulcher is optimized to the carrier and working conditions at all times with no extra work for the user.

Another attractive feature is how the technology continually collects and adapts to information based on dynamic conditions such as temperature, altitudes, carrier settings and carrier efficiency. At the start of the day Fusion will detect a cold carrier and automatically adjust and tailor machine settings to those that work best in colder temperatures. As the machine warms up throughout the day, Fusion will tune the settings for those higher temperatures. The machine starts learning as soon as it is attached to a carrier, but an operator can choose to initiate a learn sequence through the Fusion app. This learning system ensures a Fecon mulcher is always operating at peak performance.

"One of the biggest struggles both dealers and operators face is tuning the mulching head to the carrier," said Ryan Bricker, Fecon senior product manager. "We've completely removed that hassle and any associated delay by offering this Plug n' Play design. It ensures that no matter the carrier, its age and condition or the location and temperature, our customers will receive maximum performance out of the Fecon mulching head. And it makes it easy for them to swap carriers."

Fusion's benefits are not exclusive to its automatic calibration as its continuous collection of mulcher operational data enhances productivity in a variety of ways. Fleet managers, for example, can use the data to assess and improve machine performance, note a machine's last location or identify problems in operations. Dealers can use the data to better service their customers by quickly identifying the source of a problem in machine function and make swift corrections.

With Fusion, users can see up to 50 percent faster rotor recovery times, 30 percent fewer stalls and 40 percent increase in jobsite efficiency, the manufacturer said.

Fusion works seamlessly with the Fecon mobile application, available in the Apple App Store, allowing users to easily incorporate the benefits of Fusion into their day-to-day operations. Users can use the Fecon Fusion app for several tasks, including changing the mulcher settings, initiating the learn function or simply viewing real-time information on how the mulcher is running. The real-time display offers operators convenient access to crucial information.

Fecon plans to continue to expand the benefits of the Fusion system by adding additional features to the software such as performance modes that will allow users to automatically adjust machine settings to match the current job.

Similar to a four-wheel drive vehicle where a user has the option to select "snow" or "mud" based on current conditions, the upcoming performance modes will tailor the mulcher to the optimal settings for that particular application. These developments demonstrate Fecon's commitment to continuing to evolve and revolutionize mulching applications through real-time data and automation.

While automated technology in equipment can sometimes seem intimidating, Jeff Stanley, Fecon's senior vice president of product development, assures customers there is nothing intimidating about it.

"With Fusion, we're adding so much value to the customer and simplifying the product. It has more technology, tools and expanded data capabilities, but it's important that customers realize how easy it is to use."

Through its comprehensive connectivity, Fusion is pioneering the future of outstanding mulching performance and empowering users to make real time data-driven decisions, optimize their operations and immediately achieve greater levels of productivity.

For more information, visit www.fecon.com.

Fecon's Fusion is a telematics platform that uses smart technology to make industry-changing productivity gains in mulching operations.

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