Ponsse Awards American Loggers Council Einari Vidgren Foundation Grant

Wed June 07, 2023
American Loggers Council & Ponsse

The Einari Vidgrén Foundation has rewarded merited forestry professionals for the 18th time.

The Einari Award, the Einari Vidgrén Foundation's key recognition, was granted to Heikki Ahola from H.A. Forest Oy, and Arvo and Markku Manninen from Koneurakointi Veljekset Manninen Ky. In addition to the Einari Award, recognitions were given in four different categories: lifetime achievement, special recognition, operators and students.

"Thousands of professionals with first-rate expertise work in our forests. The standard set for forest management and harvesting rises all the time — we all bear responsibility for responsible and sustainable forest management. In our selections, we wanted to emphasise professional and comprehensive activities. Our recognitions were also given to professionals who, through their activities, have spread a positive message of the forest sector," said Juha Vidgren, chair of the Einari Vidgrén Foundation.

The foundation issues annual Einari Recognitions to people involved in harvesting research and development, as well as industry education development, and those who have increased awareness of and recognition for the industry.

The American Loggers Council received one of the awards.

This international recognition represents one of the few U.S. organizations selected for this honor. The American Loggers Council appreciates the $5,000 monetary award and support of the national work to promote the sustainable timber industry in the United States, the organization said.

"The Einari Vidgren Foundation is working globally to find companies and associations which make their work sustainable in a responsible way. Forestry work has a very important role in finding solutions for climate change, and giving education and knowledge to our work is one of the Foundation's roles," said Vidgren.

An entrepreneur, Einari Vidgren, built his first machine from scratch with scavenged parts in a blacksmith shop. Rumor is that the machine proved extremely functional and was part of the dawning of the age of mechanization in the timber industry. However, it was not the most aesthetic machine hence its name, "Ponsse," after an ugly crossbreed hunting dog that came back from hunting successfully. Today, the futuristic-looking machines are high-tech "transformer" extensions of the operator.

The American Loggers Council shares the same commitment to public education and promotion of the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable forest management as Einari Vidgren envisioned through the Einari Vidgren Foundation. This award will be applied to furthering that mission.