Steep-Slope Winch Assist Event Scheduled From East Coast Demand

Photo courtesy of DC Forestry Equipment

Mon February 26, 2024
DC Equipment

Timber harvesting on steep terrain has long presented challenges in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental impact. While traditional methods like motor-manual felling and skylining have dominated the industry, advancements in technology are progressing quickly in steep-slope logging operations.

New innovations in steep-slope logging will be demonstrated at an upcoming winch assist demonstration and training day. With four winch assist manufacturers present, including a Falcon Winch Assist, attendees will be able to learn about best-practice winch assisting the key differences each machine offers in a live in-forest demonstration environment.

DC Equipment, the manufacturer of the Falcon Winch Assist and other mechanized steep-slope and cable logging equipment based in Brightwater, New Zealand, is supporting the event, which is hosted by West Virginia University and Mountain Loggers Group.

Expanding Horizons: Winch Assists in Construction, Utilities, Mining

In addition to transforming steep-slope logging, winch assist technology is making significant inroads into the construction, utilities and mining industries. These sectors, known for their demanding environments and the need for precise, safe and efficient operations, are finding winch assists invaluable for their capabilities in enhancing stability, safety and productivity on steep or difficult terrains.

The emerging trend sees winch assists not only as a solution for logging challenges but also as a versatile tool for infrastructure development, utility management and mineral extraction in challenging conditions. This event will provide insights into how winch assist technology can be adapted and utilized across these sectors, offering a glimpse into the future of heavy machinery and equipment use in steep and complex environments.

DC Equipment invites contractors, operators, forest managers and industry partners to attend the upcoming Winch Assist Demonstration and Training Day at the WVU Research Forest in Bruceton Mills, W.V. This event will feature live demonstrations of steep-slope logging equipment, educational presentations and safety discussions.

Event Details:

Dates: March 11 to 13, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: WVU Research Forest, 1437 Chestnut Ridge Road, Bruceton Mills, W.V.

RSVP: Register online at