Diamond Mowers Slices Trees, Brush With Brush Cutter Pro X

Ideal for large-scale brush clearing applications, the brush cutter Pro X has three hardened steel knives that are built to swing, allowing them to break away when in contact with rocks.

Fri December 09, 2022
Diamond Mowers

Diamond Mowers' heavy-duty, hydraulically driven 40 in. excavator brush cutter Pro X slices trees and brush up to 4 in. in diameter and is equipped with a spring-loaded retractable shield to deflect debris.

Its simple design keeps operation and maintenance costs low, and it's most productive on tall grass, small trees, fence lines and large-scale brush clearing applications due to the Tri-Hex mulching disc that provides powerful inertia in tough conditions and prevents material build-up between the deck and blade carrier.

The excavator brush cutter Pro X also comes available in 50, 60 and 72 in. cutting widths to handle materials up to 10 in. in diameter.

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