NED, Hyundai Partner With YouTube Influencer, Upstate Brush Control

Recently, Upstate Brush Control took delivery of the new Hyundai excavator, which it plans to use to remove trees and stumps, dig basements and clear residential lots.

Wed March 16, 2022
National Equipment Dealers

National Equipment Dealers LLC (NED) and Hyundai Construction Equipment recently partnered with Jon Byrnes, owner of Upstate Brush Control, a popular YouTube personality and influencer on social media.

Upstate Brush Control is rapidly gaining popularity on YouTube and, according to Byrnes, it has become a "trusted source" in the forestry mulching business. In fact, when searching "forestry mulching" on google, several of Byrnes' videos are the first to appear.

South Carolina-based Upstate Brush Control currently has more than 54,000 subscribers on YouTube and millions of views. Videos are produced weekly and subscriber engagement, through "likes" and comments, is high. Byrnes films with a first-person style that focuses on the "operator experience" with unique camera angles. He narrates the before, during, and after process of each unique job.

Most importantly to Byrnes and his team, is to create a family-friendly and authentic experience for his audience.

"Over the years, God has blessed us with plenty of work and reliable help. The YouTube experience has changed our lives and our business model in a big way. Today we can teach, influence and interact with a whole new audience," Byrnes explained.

Byrnes grew up in South Carolina and started working in his father's construction business from the age of 5 years old. About 12 years ago, he saw his first compact track loader, equipped with a dedicated mulching head and, in his words, he was "hooked." A few years later, in 2013, he purchased his first track loader with a mulching attachment. Since that time, his business and industry expertise have grown rapidly, just like his popular YouTube channel.

"Our goal is to enjoy our work and keep a positive attitude, despite the challenges we face. We produce clean, wholesome content and we enjoy using our influence to give back to the community in several ways," Byrnes said.

Corey Rogers, vice president of marketing for NED, met Byrnes at the 2021 Utility Expo, at a Social Media Influencer Meet & Greet, hosted by Hyundai Construction Equipment and another popular social media icon and friend of Byrnes, Mike Simon of Dirt Perfect. Byrnes was looking to expand his operation beyond tracked mulchers and small excavators to something larger.

Through NED and Hyundai's partnership, Byrnes received a Hyundai HX140ALD, a 34,000-lb., full-size excavator, equipped with auxiliary hydraulics, a quick coupler, a Rockland hydraulic thumb and heavy-duty bucket, and a front dozer blade.

Recently, Upstate Brush Control took delivery of the new Hyundai excavator, which it plans to use to remove trees and stumps, dig basements and clear residential lots. Eventually, it plans to mount a mulching head on the machine for additional versatility when mulching and land clearing.

"NED is excited to partner with Hyundai and Upstate Brush Control on this new YouTube opportunity. At NED we have a strong presence on YouTube with our NED Talks video series, NED Customer Stories and NED Equipment Tutorials, featured on our channel. This partnership provides a great opportunity to expand our audience with a respected expert in the forestry mulching industry," Rogers said.