Sennebogen Simplifies Log Logistics for Lower Bavarian Company

The 835 M-HDS E-Series with trailer feeds the plant, transports and loads logs.

Mon February 15, 2021

Schwaiger Holzindustrie is located in the heart of Lower Bavaria. It supplies timber and wood pellets to customers from all over the world and added a Sennebogen 835 M E-Series material handler and trailer to its fleet in 2020.

Founded more than 100 years ago as a humble craftsman's business, it has evolved into an international company entering its fourth generation.

The company has experienced continuous growth and through investments, it now processes more than 1.6 million cu. yds. per year. In order to navigate its ongoing growth while optimizing its operations, it was necessary to ensure it was maximizing its efficiencies. To achieve that, Schwaiger Holzindustrie not only invested in a 3,200 ft. (1,000 m) extension of its rail line, but also acquired its largest material handler to date, a Sennebogen 835 M E-Series.

Material Handler Paired With a Purpose-Built Trailer

By focusing on sustainable production and fuel-saving, low-emission handling solutions, Schwaiger Holzindustrie is paving the way to a "green" future. The 835 M-HDS E-Series was designed specifically for log yard applications using a mobile undercarriage with a protective shield and large single tires.

Sennebogen's material handler is powered with a 315 hp (231 kW) diesel engine and all-wheel drive for increased tractive effort. This power allows 160,000 lbs. of logs to be transported by a hydraulically braked trailer.

"With the 835 pulling the trailer, we can now transport twice the amount in the same time. This ensures a more effective and sustainable operation and saves valuable fuel and above all, time," said Quirin Schwaiger, who is responsible for business development at Schwaiger.

In addition to transporting logs up to 16 ft. (5 m) in length, the 835 has a reach of 52 ft. (16 m) and also is used for unloading the railcars and feeding the sawmill.

Sennebogen 835 E Material Handler Offers Optimum Operator Comfort, Safety

The Sennebogen Maxcab, which can be hydraulically raised up to a total height of 19 ft. (5.8 m) provides the operator with a clear overview of the work area allowing them to move materials with pinpoint accuracy.

Various features, such as the piston rod protection, a FOPS grid on the cab roof and a bulletproof windshield, provide additional safety. The steering can be switched between the joystick and steering wheel.

The 835 impresses operators, who particularly emphasize its comfort and ease of operation: "Driving the 835 is already a highlight in our operations, and you feel a little pride when you can drive such a large machine across a busy square," said driver Matthias Kornatzki at the Hengersberg site.

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Railcar unloading made easy with the 835 M-HDS E-Series material handler.