John Deere FL100 Felling Head Tackles Tough Terrain

Tue May 12, 2020
John Deere

The continued growth of the steep-slope market is opening new opportunities for loggers.

Factory-installed on the John Deere 959ML shovel logger, the FL100 directional felling head meets loggers' demand for a larger, more durable solution.

Practical for felling and maneuvering timber on challenging terrain, the FL100 delivers enhanced grapple strength, arm durability and rotate/tilt power, according to the manufacturer.

Long-arm geometry and a large-capacity bar saw allow the FL100 to cut and handle everything from small to extra-large timber, ranging from 4.3 to 39.3 in. (11 to 100 cm). Exceptional durability combined with simplified routine and periodic maintenance helps increase uptime.

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