Paladin Expands Mini-Excavator Capabilities with Line of Brush Cutter Attachments

Thu February 20, 2020

Stanley Infrastructure, a premier partner for industrial tools and attachments, announced that Paladin is expanding its offerings for mini-excavators with a new line of brush cutters: the MX Series, going on sale in April. The MX Series incorporates many of the same design principles as Paladin's GroundShark series, extending those principles into the mini-excavator space. The MX Series is compatible with 3- to 8-ton class mini excavators, and facilitates a variety of applications, including over-fence brush management, embankment and ditch management, and rail right-of-way management.

With a solid formed T-1 steel deck and reversible AR400 cutting blades, the MX series can efficiently process brush and trees up to 6 in. (15 cm) in diameter. Equipped with Paladin's bolt-on mounting system, it offers seamless configuration to a variety of coupling systems; if coupling requirements change, units can be quickly and easily reconfigured without welding or grinding, even in the field, according to the manufacturer.

Safety Features

  • Heavy-duty hinged debris shield retracts when the head is engaged with trees and brush, exposing the blades and allowing for aggressive cuts at maximum blade engagement
  • Fore and aft curtain shielding dampens debris projection and gives operators more control, making it easier to operate in areas where debris projection is a concern
  • Automatic hydraulic braking stops blade rotation 10 to 15 seconds after the machine is turned off, making it faster for operators to get out of the cab

Additional product details include:

  • Direct-drive hydraulic motor with heavy-duty bearing housing, ensuring long hydraulic life
  • All models operate without a case drain, for maximum versatility across machines
  • Powder coat finish, for maximum rust and erosion protection

"What's so innovative about the MX series is the integration of some very high-tech, high-strength materials with so many unique safety features. It all works together to make a very efficient, durable, safe attachment," said Justin Perkins, senior product manager at Stanley Infrastructure. "Combine that with the versatility across machines, and it's just an excellent addition to anyone's fleet."

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