Pacific Tractor, FAE USA Hold First Power Demo Day in Oregon

The demonstration Kubota KX057-4 mini-excavator with FAE forestry mulching head attachment makes quick work of felling and mulching trees.

Tue December 17, 2019

Pacific Tractor and Implement in Hillsboro, Ore., partnered with FAE USA and recently hosted their very first Power Demo Day. "The goal was to introduce attendees to FAE products and their capabilities, and to offer them alternative ground control methods." said Corey Achziger, Pacific Tractor's general manager.

The event was a great success. The FAE machines performed remarkably, and attendees were able to fully experience first-hand the power behind FAE products. Dozens of people also were able to get some hands-on demo time on various sized Prime Tech forestry mulchers, skid steer mulchers, excavator mulchers and forestry tillers to closely explore the capabilities of the machines.

"The FAE machines are so high quality that the people in this part of the country got to see something they've never seen before," said Pacific Tractor's owner, Jim Ford. "Here in the Pacific Northwest and all the way through Vancouver you'll find extremely large trees with stumps that are 4 to 5 feet in diameter. It was truly amazing to watch FAE's subsoiler behind a 340 HP tractor mulch huge trees and stumps out of the ground and turn them into a mulched like product fine enough to make farmland." he added. "And let's not overlook the Prime Tech forestry mulcher, which performed admirably on very steep inclines."

"I'm extremely impressed by the way the small FAE heads handle really hard work," Achziger said. "But I'm most impressed with the support FAE brings to the table, the people at FAE is truly what makes the difference."

"No other group we've worked with has ever done what FAE did," Ford added. "When you get that kind of support you know you are associated with a first-class product."

FAE USA is very excited about its partnership with Pacific Tractor. "First class products need first class dealers to be distributed and supported, and that's why we have partnered with Pacific Tractor in Oregon... their sales and support team are second to none," said Giorgio Carera, FAE USA's CEO. "We are honored and proud to work with the Pacific Tractor team and have them represent our product in that market."

Chris Willson, owner of Willson Excavation and Forestry Mulching based in the Nashville, Tenn., suburb of Franklin, was flown out to the West Coast as a FAE Ambassador and to provide a product ownership view of the FAE line. Willson was able to provide FAE prospects with his perspective on best practices in operation of the FAE equipment and was able to answer questions from attendees about running the Prime Tech mulchers and utilization of the FAE attachments. Willson provided demonstrations of both the Prime Tech PT175 and PT300 to show visitors what an experienced operator can do with these machines. Willson currently owns two Prime Tech mulchers and several FAE heads.

FAE's Product Manager, Lee Smith, and FAE's Product Support Specialist, Adrian Majka, represented FAE during the event. "As a Product Manager representing a premium brand, there is no better feeling than working with a dedicated dealer such as Pacific Tractor and with FAEs knowledgeable professional team to pull off such a successful demo day," Smith said during the successful demo day. "The way the FAE team and the Pacific tractor team worked together is the way a dealer-manufacturer relationship should work. It also showed what happens when you combine our industry leading attachments with high quality carriers: the results are unmatched and speak for themselves."

Pacific Tractor owner Jim Ford stated that moving forward, they plan to do a Power Demo Day every year during the fall. FAE looks forward to continuing to support Pacific Tractor during these one-of-a-kind events.

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