2021 Bobcat Forestry Cutter, 2-spd - 60 in.
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Category: Mulchers
Machine Name: 2021 Bobcat Forestry Cutter, 2-spd - 60 in.
Machine Location:Mifflinburg, PA
More Info: https://bsbrepair.com/inventory/loader+attachments/2021-bobcat-forestry+cutter%2C+2-spd+-+60%22-mifflinburg-pa-62307ba11ced8842c07177a2/
Description: Turn trees and underbrush from unsightly overgrowth to mulch with the forestry cutter attachment.Punch into large-diameter trees and bring the uppermost limbs quickly to the ground. The forestry cutter’s tube-style drum and spiral tooth pattern allow one tooth to engage at a time, so operation is smooth and less horsepower is required to do the job.The compact size of the forestry cutter allows for any type of removal job, whether clearing every tree in an area or selectively thinning stands. Simply lower the forestry cutter onto the tree and its fast-cutting teeth rips it to shreds, turning it into a bed of mulch that slows growth and provides organic material.
2021 Bobcat Forestry Cutter, 2-spd - 60 in.
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B.S. & B. Repair Ridge Inc.
Miffinburg, PA
Shawn Walter
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