Acres Announces Partnership With Forisk Consulting

Tue November 07, 2023

Acres, a data-driven land research platform that supports fast, informed decision making, is partnering with Forisk Consulting, a leader in analyzing timber markets and wood baskets, to visualize timber data for both companies' clients.

This collaboration between Acres and Forisk will further expand Acres' capacity to provide and visualize important information on U.S. timberland through its powerful land valuation tool.

"We're thrilled to bring Forisk's experience and data to the Acres platform to help more investors and managers in the timber industry. We care about helping the forest industry make better decisions, and we see this partnership with Acres as a great way to enhance that value," said Forisk President and CEO Brooks Mendell.

Acres and Forisk's partnership creates deeper access to timberland insights for customers of both companies. The Forisk North American Forest Industry Capacity Database ("Mill Database") covers 55 states and provinces in both the United Staets and Canada.

With Acres, users can interact with nearly 2,000 wood-using mills nationwide to quickly view the mill type, status, current and historic owner information, capacity and certifications. This data is key to understanding how much a mill can process and produce and overall supply chain progress.

"Data-driven insights into timberland add up. If you don't see the whole picture of land you're buying or selling, you can't get the most out of your transaction. Our strategic partnership with Forisk Consulting is an immense opportunity to create a 3D image for people in the forest industry so they can continue to do the important work of driving the national timber supply chain," said Mark Foley, director of Timber Investments.

In conjunction with this release, Acres now provides users with access to the timber site index, a measure of forest productivity at a sub-parcel level. The timber site index data alongside Forisk timber mills and the intuitive geospatial interface of Acres make for a powerful combination of tools and data for the timber industry.

About Acres

Acres is a geospatial land research platform designed to improve land management and purchasing decisions. Using public and private market data, Acres aggregates and analyzes over 150 million parcels of land to enable users to better understand and maximize the value of their property. By providing access to a large and accurate compilation of land data, comparable sales, and parcel-level insights, Acres is designed to support fast, informed decision making.

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About Forisk Consulting

Founded in 2004, Forisk analyzes forest supplies, wood demand, and timber pricing to develop strategic guidance for clients, including forecasts and analysis of forest industry markets and timberland investments. Forisk's approach emphasizes rigorous research, clear communication, localized analysis and direct forestry experience.

Firms participate in Forisk's research program by subscribing to the Forisk Research Quarterly (FRQ), Forisk Wood Fiber Review, Forisk Market Bulletin, or the North American Forest Industry Capacity Database ("Mill Database"); supporting benchmarking studies related to forest operations and mill capacities; and attending educational workshops and the annual "Wood Flows & Cash Flows" conference.

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