John Deere Intelligent Harvester Head Control Facilitates Harvesting, Improves Delimbing Quality

Tue May 09, 2023
John Deere

John Deere's new Intelligent Harvester Head Control (IHC) facilitates harvesting and improves delimbing quality.

The force control of the delimbing knives maintains proper compression of the harvester head and excellent measuring accuracy in all conditions, the manufacturer said.

The correct setting of the delimbing knives pressure is a basic requirement for good and precise harvester head operation. Determining the correct settings is based on a number of variables, like tree size, tree species and felling conditions.

Due to the new Intelligent Harvester Head Control (IHC), the need for adjustments to knife pressures is significantly reduced, making the harvester operator's work easier.

The force control of the delimbing knives is based on the basic settings per tree species defined in John Deere's TimberMatic control system. A force sensor in the harvester head's upper delimbing knife constantly measures the force with which the tree is compressed, and the IHC system adjusts it, if necessary, within the given limits. This gives the knives sufficient, but not excessive, compression, and thus the quality of both delimbing and measuring remains at a high level.

Ease of Use Also Improves Productivity

Due to this new innovation, the harvester operator doesn't have to constantly adjust the harvester head settings as tree characteristics or conditions change; instead, IHC adjusts the compression pressure of the delimbing knives as needed.

In addition to ease of use, IHC improves harvesting productivity. Sufficient compression force ensures accurate diameter and length measurement and excellent delimbing quality. When the compression force is proper and not too excessive, the feed rate remains good, the surface layer of the tree is not damaged, and excessive fuel is not consumed. Additionally, debarking of the tree doesn't occur, so the value added remains high and the bark can be recovered for energy.

The correct pressure setting also improves the durability of the harvester head.

IHC – Intelligent Harvester Head Control is a feature that John Deere is constantly developing. The option is available with John Deere H212 and H423 harvester heads.

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