Diamond Mowers Introduces TR Boom Drum Mulcher

Historically, a rotary head has been the go-to for maintaining fence lines, bridges, and overpasses, but the open design of that attachment causes a two-step process requiring two different tool heads. Diamond Mowers’ new Boom drum mulcher can reach, cut, process and eliminate material with one attachment, one pass and one operator.

Wed December 21, 2022
Diamond Mowers

Bringing new and improved performance features to the forefront of vegetation management, the new TR Boom drum mulcher from Diamond Mowers offers a safer, faster and more complete solution to tree and brush control.

Engineered for heavy-duty mulching applications, this game-changing attachment optimizes productivity and increases asset utilization for greater work diversity and revenue potential.

"Our Boom drum mulcher is the best option available yet for controlling heavy brush and trees," said Matt Nelson, director of development of Diamond Mowers.

"It offers class-leading productivity, highly-controlled discharge and an unbeatable finish in heavy materials. When coupled with a Boom rotary or Boom flail head, it turns your boom mower into a complete roadside vegetation management solution."

Adding a Boom drum mulcher to your existing Diamond Boom mower will improve your roadside maintenance operations in a number of valuable ways, according to the manufacturer.

Available in 50 in. and 60 in. cutting widths, Diamond's Boom rotary mower cuts light brush and other material up to 4 in. continuously and 8 in. intermittently.

More Cost-Effective Solution

Specifically designed to mulch trees and brush, the Boom drum mulcher is a must-have addition for any municipal fleet or contractor faced with cutting, processing and eliminating woody materials from areas that are unreachable with a skid-steer or excavator.

Featuring a larger-than-industry-standard hydraulic motor, enhanced motor protection and an optimized infeed system, the mulching head can work through material faster and requires less maintenance and fewer consumable costs than attachments that also cut grass.

Safer to Operate

In addition to improved chip containment and control of thrown debris, the Boom drum mulcher can handle larger material than other attachment heads and completely mulch trees up to 8 in. in diameter. This means that fewer trees will require potentially dangerous hand-falling and cleanup. It also means less risk of damaging surrounding property, making it a great choice for working near roads or in densely populated areas.

Cleaner Job Sites

Diamond Mowers' Boom drum mulcher produces small, aesthetically pleasing chips and grinds stumps down to ground level due to its forward drum exposure, which allows for optimal ground engagement and greater productivity per pass.

This multi-functional mulching head can fulfill all reaching, cutting and processing needs without leaving branches and other material strewn on the ground, so there's no need for a clean-up crew to achieve a well-groomed result.

Adding to its appeal, the Boom drum mulcher features Diamond Mowers' Q-Connect system, which allows users to interchange boom heads for tackling different applications. This connection system enables a single operator to switch attachment heads easily and quickly, resulting in decreased downtime and increased productivity.

For more information, visit diamondmowers.com.

Ideal for delivering a clean, finished look, Diamond's Boom flail mower processes brush and small trees into a relatively fine mulch but can only handle material up to 4 in. in diameter.