Kesla Launches 326T Loader

Tue July 27, 2021

The new Kesla 326T loader represents a new way of thinking when it comes to both looks or features of a loader.

The hoses are mainly hidden inside the boom structure. The whole frame, including the boom, utilizes a smooth design without excessive overhangs. The new, linear design minimizes the stress and tension caused by heavy use, ensuring the product a long lifetime also as a possible second hand item, the manufacturer said.

The Kesla 326T represents the sturdier class of tractor loaders, giving 84 kNm (gross) lifting torque. The loader reaches up to 29.8 ft., from where it still lifts some 1,411 lb. The pressure level needed is typical for tractors — 190 bar — helping to take advantage of all efficiency there is available in the loader.

The loader also has model-specific valves, which together with wide oil-flow minimize efficiency loss in the hydraulics of the loader.

One loader – several uses

Use of loaders has become more vertisatile due to the change in economic landscape. The same customer can now operate in the forest, the fields or do contracting in suburban area. For this reason, the loader needs to be agile and the trajectory of the booms must be suitable for different uses.

The new Kesla 326T rises up to a flagpole-like position and the loader can be smoothly folded into the load space. Additionally, loads next to the trailer or rear of the trailer can be lifted without any problems. The loader can be used in any angle due to the new efficient LED work lights and their orientation towards lifting boom and the load.

The new loader can be equipped with several options such as valves, stabilizers or other accessories from our wide range of additional equipment. If needed, the loader can be fitted onto the trailer's drawbar during the manufacturing process.

The Kesla 326T comes painted in black as standard, but other colors can be ordered as an additional accessory.

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