Prinoth Updates M450s Mulching Head

A Prinoth M450e-1900 on a Lamtrac skid steer clearing the edge of the forest.

Wed March 17, 2021

Prinoth is well-known for its crawler carriers but also manufactures a wide range of mulching equipment. Through its vegetation management division, Prinoth continuously invests in developing new products, including the latest updates of the M450s mulching head.

Various Working Widths for All Skid Steers

After the successful introduction of the 74.8-in.-wide M450s-1900 in the North American market, the head is now available in a smaller working width of 63 in. (M450s-1600) and a larger one with 86 in. (M450s-2200), to ensure every customer's needs are met.

Developed for a range of carrier vehicles from 70 to 180 hp and a hydraulic oil flow between 22.5 to 66 gpm, the M450s is a compact and powerful head for a variety of mulching applications.

With the feature "Plug & Mulch", the M450s is ready for simple set up on any skid steer loader, make and model. Hydraulic hoses with standard fittings are included in the package as delivered from the factory.

The M450s gets its power from a 115cc Rexroth hydraulic motor with high-pressure variable displacement. For the 74.8-in.-head a 170cc motor also is available, ideal for a volume flow range from 41.8 to 54.9 gpm. A new cogged belt drive transfers the power to the rotor.

Bite Control System

The rotor combines the BCS (bite control system) with two types of cutting tools. Whether steel knives or carbide teeth, the BCS-Rotor is perfectly balanced for less wear on bearings and high speed, meaning high productivity and a perfect finish, according to the manufacturer.

In order to maintain the machine efficiently, an extensive spare parts network is available to customers in the USA. Furthermore, the operator can train their skills with online tutorials.

Visibility is enhanced from the operators' seat with a good line of sight to the work area, offering safe and productive mulching. The center of gravity is close to the carrier; therefore, it is easier to handle and provides less tipping or risk of roll over. For maximum safety, the M450s is equipped with anti-slip surfaces on the top of the housing and with two steps for a safe access to the carrier.

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