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How to Repair a Clogged Chipper

How to repair a clogged chipper is a common concern for many machine owners. Serious clogs may require a visit to your local service department, but there are steps you can take to independently clear a blockage.

1.Your first step must be to disconnect the spark plug to ensure the machine is off and will not restart while you work. Doing so will help you avoid serious injury.

2.Next, unlock and raise the exit chute guard to reveal the exit screen. Once the exit screen is bared, remove any and all material from the chute. Since the spark plug is removed, you may use your hands for the larger pieces. For smaller bits of material, long nose pliers will aid you in completely clearing the area.

3.Once the metal guard screen is clean, you will want to test the chipper for full functionality. To do so, lower and lock the exit guard. Only replace the spark plug when you're sure all material has been removed and your hands and clothing are a safe distance from the machine. Once the spark plug is returned to use, you may attempt to restart the shredder.

If an easy restart and clear chute elude you, there are further steps you can take.

1.First, as always, remove the spark plug once more. Even if you're feeling frustrated, safety always pays.

2.Unlock and raise the exit guard once again. Next, remove the metal screen. Usually it has two long bolts on the top and bottom holding it in place. This step could require a bit of effort; remember to pry gently rather than aggressively pulling out the screen once the screws are removed.

3.Because screens are not two sided and/or reversible, store it in a way that will allow you to remember which side should face out.

4.You may now pull the starter cord to expose the flails and hopefully gain access to the remaining clog. Persist in pulling a few inches more, stop, and look for more clogs. Reach in and dislodge anything you can find.

Continue this process, taking special care to remove your hand in between pullings. Keep repeating the pulling and searching process until all flail areas are absolutely clear. The cleared flails should clank as they respond to turning.

Occasionally, chippers and shredders become clogged in a manner similar to mowers, when damp or wet material accumulates inside the cutting mechanism. When this occurs, follow these steps:

Lower the exit chute and lock it into place. Keep the guard screen out for the time being. Reconnect the ignition wire. Attempt to start the shredder. If it doesn't start immediately, persevere, as each starting attempt forces the chipper/shredder to release more dried or caked - on material.

Once the motor catches, let it run for a few minutes. Then, turn it off before reinstalling the exit guard and tightening the bolts. Finally, lower the exit chute and lock it into place.

If your machine is working, continue with the task at hand, avoiding whatever material previously clogged the chute. Damp bark can cause problems for chippers and shredders. The job may need to delay until the wood in question is dry, meaning when the bark is brittle and won't peel off in strings.

If none of these efforts clears your machine, you may need to seek the help of the service team for your particular brand of chipper. Not only can they likely repair or dislodge any remaining blockages, but they will also be able to determine if your machine is malfunctioning due to another issue.